Oct. 28- Advanced Fair Housing- Rob Lynde

Register now! Advanced Fair Housing - Rob Lynde October 28, 2016-   1p-4p 4CE- $40 This 4 hour class will focus on Federal and State protected classes.  The class is great for experienced agents, new agents, property managers and … [Read more...]

Oct 26- Buyer Mastery- Bruce Gardner

Register now! Buyer Mastery- Bruce Gardner October 26, 2016-   1130a-4p 4CE- $40 Talk about an in-depth class on improving an agents conversion skills at all steps in the Buyer process, and will increase an agents performance … [Read more...]

Dec. 8, Intro to Title

Register now! Intro to Title December 8, 2016, 9a-10a What is Title Insurance? What is an E&O? How do I read a Title Commitment? Let us get you in the know about Title Insurance! With this quick 1 Hour and  1CE Credit FREE … [Read more...]

Nov. 16, Intro to Title and Escrow

Register now! Intro to Title and Escrow November 16, 2016, 9a-11a How is Title Insurance like and NOT like other insurance? What is an E&O? What is a Commitment? What are ways to avoid a bad closing? What are Settlement … [Read more...]

Oct. 18, 2016, Intro to Escrow

Register now! Intro to Escrow October 18, 2016, 9a-10a What are ways to AVOID having a bad closing? How do I read a Settlement Statement?  What are the different types of Deeds?  If you don't know the answers to these … [Read more...]

Aug. 24 CREC Mandatory Commission Update

Register now! CREC Mandatory Commission Update August 24, 2016     10a-2p As any great athlete will tell you, training is vital and needs to be completed before game time. In the game of real estate the Annual Commission Update is the … [Read more...]

Dec. 7 Restoring Contaminated Buildings

Register now! Restoring Contaminated Buildings December 7, 2016-   9a-11a Learn how restoration professionals inspect, mitigate, and restore water-damaged buildings and contents that are contaminated with sewage or mold. Review … [Read more...]

Nov. 15 Intermediate CTMeContracts

Register now! Intermediate CTMeContracts November 15, 2016-  2p-4p Join us for a free eContracts Training and learn how to do more online to save yourself time! Learn about:   - Integration Features, Sharing Disclosures & … [Read more...]

Nov. 3 Restorative Drying for Water Damages

Register now! Restorative Drying for Water Damages November 3, 2016-   1p-3p This course is designed to explain the special procedures used in drying buildings and contents.  It involves inspection of the loss, emergency services, … [Read more...]

Oct. 25 Understanding Mold

Register now! Understanding Mold October 25, 2016-   9a-12p This course has been specifically designed to teach and explain the special procedures used by professionals in mitigating mold damage claims for the insured. The purpose of the … [Read more...]

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403 Forbidden