Elevate Your Personal Brand- Lunch and Learn

Thursday, January 15, 11:00am – 1:00pm 3630 Sinton Road Suite 300
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Receive 2 CE Credits in this highly interactive, mini workshop extracted from the full “Ignite Your Personal Brand Presence” program, you will learn: 
  •  The 6 critical components that make up your unique Personal Brand DNA. 
  • In just seconds, your acquaintances develop their own perceptions about who you are.
  • Learn how you can consciously leverage those seconds to create positive, authentic and memorable perceptions.
  • What makes up your own personal brand style attributes and learn how to maximize them to create distinction.
  • How to elevate your authenticity and consistency, and infuse your “way of being” into your daily routine to enhance and build the trust of those around you.
  • Evaluate your own current personal brand through a brief self-assessment tool.
  • Learn the three most critical characteristics of a memorable personal brand. 
  • Recite and commit to the your new personal brand declarations
Lunch Provided
Class Presented By: Suzanne Tulien